accessible digital signage made for you

DESIGNAGE is a completely cloud-based platform for digital signage. All functionality is managed in a web browser on any computer, tablet or mobile.

The playback of the published content, of course, requires a screen of some kind. However, designage player software can be installed directly in most screens on the market that have a built-in SOC, i.e. the type of computer found in most modern screens.
If you have a screen that you want to reuse and that does not have a supported SOC, you can supplement with an external media player. Also there, Designage player software can be installed on a large number of models and brands.

Powerful, simple and obvious.
Just as it should be.

Creating a digital channel, going from idea to publishing your message, regardless of the type of content, format or number of screens should be easy. You solve the task smoothly with our cloud service and if you have special requests, we tailor the solution to your needs.

Bring your own device

Through the Bring Your Own Device concept, it’s an easy step to sign up and start using Designage without relying on specific hardware from us, no matter where in the world you are.

Integrating Designage

is built from the ground up to integrate with other systems. We work hard to create partnerships with different services and extend their offer, as well as they can extend ours. For example, CRM systems, monitoring systems, etc.

Plug n play

We charge through preferential license agreements, per month and screen. Please contact us for quotes and tailor-made solutions.

Collaboration and communication

Design is built from the ground up for integration.

We have created a platform that can simply collaborate with other systems.

We can refine and distribute the information and data generated and managed in other platforms.