The threat about the death of the store has been above us for the past decade. City centres have been emptied once shopping centres have been built. E-commerce has taken over more and more. Since 2020, many of the concerns have come true. Even in Stockholm’s inner city, the premises echo empty in several places. So, where are we going? Will the stores disappear completely in a few years?

Customers want to be able to feel and squeeze the goods to be bought. Similarly, those panicked purchases will have to be made, which do not have time to wait for a hopeless postnord delivery. Consumers will also want a store to go to in the future. The possibilities lie in being able to build an environment and an atmosphere in the store, a feeling that cannot be obtained through the clicking of e-commerce.

Magnus Larsson, advisor and business developer at Desquare, former Marketing Director at Microsoft in the US, believes in the development of experience marketing for stores going forward. Standing out through impressions and experiences becomes more important when the online offering is so large. Be sure to create the environment that you want your customer to experience. Offering added value in the form of cafés or other types of experiences is also predicted to be the new way of building a store in the future.

With the help of digital signs, it is possible to change the experience of the room indefinitely. The small sports store, which shifts its focus on sales depending on the season, can easily switch between showing action-packed bike movies, hiking trails, and snow-capped mountains, depending on the season. In the past, it was expensive and complicated to handle digital signage, but that is exactly what we at Desquare want to change. Everyone should have the opportunity to create environments using our software, Designage, which is a completely cloud-based platform. All functionality is managed in a web browser on any computer, tablet or mobile. All you need are screens to display the content on.