A new year has begun and 2021 can be added to the documents. A year that was a little too much characterized by the pandemic for most people, but for Desquare it was different in focus. We asked our CEO Peter Brauner what has been the best thing about 2021.

  • That our platform Designage is finally in use. During the year, for example, we have started over 100 screens at our customers Fabege and Stadium. We are proud and satisfied with our product so it is good to see that it works as planned. Not least the Watchtower feature, where all screens can be controlled and updated, is highly appreciated.
  • Of course, it is a milestone to launch a new platform, but we also know that the development work does not end with it. What will it look like in the future, do you have any exciting plans that you can reveal to us?
  • Yes! We are developing an easy-to-use but powerful editor with built-in template system that will make it even easier for users to make stylish presentations on their signs. It should be easy to change the image, graphics, text and colors. I look forward to launching the new design module shortly.
  • And what do the more far-reaching dreams look like?
  • I envision a feature that makes it possible to connect external web components to play images and movies. Then I would like to see more embedded data visualizations. Since easy integration between systems is important to us, a new visual editing environment for integration would be fun to get to as well.
  • It certainly sounds exciting. Hopefully we’ll see these new features rolled out in 2022.
  • If I can dream even more, it is of course international expansion that is the goal. I am driven by the idea that digital signage should be accessible and easy for everyone, so of course we want to get our software out into the world.

With those dreams and plans in the mind of our CEO, we look forward to a brilliant 2022 in terms of digital signage. Dare we hope for a little less pandemic and more physical meetings as well?